Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions

In order to get the right answers to legal questions and issues in commerce, companies need to receive constant and active support from legal offices. TILEGAL Corporate Law department is  highly active and it has performed crucial tasks in a diverse range of agreements between local and foreign companies, and in capital market legislation transactions of companies.

TILEGAL brings a meticulous and precise legal approach in the management of all domestic and foreign companies’ legal needs, regardless of their size, in company establishment partnership structures, manner of representation, type changes, company contracts, share trading, preparation for ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies and meetings, consultancy in board meetings, compliance with corporate governance principles, passing corporate governance committee resolutions, compliance of publicly traded companies with CML Legislation, and many other similar matters.

We provide industry-focused legal assistance for our clients in diverse industries, by also taking into consideration the realities of business life, with regard to drawing up all kinds of contracts especially in distributorship, joint marketing, joint publicity, purchase and sales, license, supply, franchise, transportation, and management.

The Turkish market has been getting a lot of experience in mergers and acquisitions recently. TILEGAL offers clients its expertise and know-how regarding mergers and acquisitions, today’s crucial legal matters in terms of trade relations, company management in compliance with the legislation, and “due diligence” processes, and, as the need arises, provides advise on the legal statue that governs the related market. We also help our foreign clients determine the best ways to structure their operations in Turkey.

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