TILEGAL has been providing consulting and lawsuit assistance to countless insurance and reinsurance companies, P&I clubs, and insurance expertise companies at home and abroad. The Insurance Law Department offers a wide range of services, particularly regarding disputes such as whether the risk has occurred, whether this is covered by insurance, who is at fault, its effect on the contract, recourse of claims payment to the party at fault, and handling the lawsuits against insurance companies. For many years, TILEGAL has been a legal counsel to domestic and foreign insurance companies that lead the insurance industry, especially in areas such as transportation and credit insurance that require specific technical knowledge.

As a transportation insurance specialist in commodity, H&M, and P&I club insurance, our team provides all the services required by commodity and liability insurance. Thanks to our industry and technical expertise, we are highly competent in producing fast and effective solutions in all processes, starting from drafting insurance policies up to the time of recourse.

Furthermore, with regard to credit insurance, an essential item in this era of crisis, our legal office diligently handles many dispute cases to quickly and effortlessly collect the claims due to insurance companies and policyholders in line with recent developments in the country. To that effect, the Insurance Law and Enforcement Law departments of the company work together, significantly improving the chances of getting successful results.

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