From 1923 to the present... Success is in the details. TİLEGAL provides easily accessible
legal services.
TİLEGAL is open to innovations. TILEGAL evaluates your
needs withthe experience
of specialist lawyers

Success is in the Details

The change in the expectations and needs of individuals and institutions in the field of law has increased the need for the knowledge and operational power of modern offices.

Easily Accessible Legal Services

Our office is not only interested in the instant solution of your problems. It manages all legal relations quickly and effectively.

TİLEGAL is Open to Innovations

Young and dynamic lawyers, who work alongside the experienced employees of our office, combine the experience of the past with the changing dynamics of today.

From 1923 to today...

TİLEGAL, whose roots go back to the 1920s, has taken its place among today’s respected, reliable and modern law offices by transferring its corporate culture and knowledge from generation to generation.

TİLEGAL is a law firm that knows the needs of the new age and can offer dynamic and innovative solutions as well as traditional approaches.

This corporate culture has been one of the most important features of TILEGAL, which specializes in different areas of law and has achieved many successes with its clients over many years.

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