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From 1923 to today..

From 1923 to the present

TILEGAL has a legacy dating back to the 1920s, and has earned its distinguished place among today’s reputable law firms by carrying its expertise and corporate culture from generation to generation.

We are a law firm that appreciates the needs of modern business life while able to combine a dynamic, innovative approach with traditional solutions.

Our corporate culture remains one of the most important features of TILEGAL, and is part of the reason we have achieved great successes with clients across numerous fields.

Success is in the details…

In the legal realm, the changing expectations and requirements of both individuals and institutions have made it necessary for modern firms to exhibit exceptional knowledge and operational power.

TILEGAL knows and can manage the challenges of a changing world, and is able to offer specialized and successful legal solutions for any dispute.

Services offered by a law firm that does not know the needs, issues and goals of its clients will rarely be fruitful. The legal advice we provide and our attention to detail in litigation services contribute greatly to the success of TILEGAL.

Our firm delivers easily accessible legal solutions.

TILEGAL never fails to offer to its clients legal services that are easy to access.

Our firm deals not just with instant solutions to your problems, but can manage all your legal relationships quickly and capably.

The increasing emphasis on communication and continuity within the lawyer-client connection has led to a new conception of legal relationship.

TILEGAL knows and is able to competently manage these new requirements, and has adopted a corporate culture that can supply long-term and productive solutions to its clients. We aim to deliver easily accessible, easy to understand and consistent legal services to our clients.

Tilegal is open to new ideas

The young and progressive lawyers of our firm work with our experienced employees, combining expertise with flexibility.

We keep up with innovations and international legal developments so that you can run your business with confidence.

TILEGAL draws on the experience of specialist lawyers

Our volatile world requires ever-increasing experience and expertise be employed in legal counseling and litigation procedures.

With the support of TILEGAL legal practitioners specialized in diverse fields, your legal dealings can be finalized more quickly, and the most appropriate solutions can be obtained by consultancy and litigation services.

We are proud of being a law firm that has generated benefit and value for clients since 1923.

Our firm can also deliver results for international legal issues due to our collaboration with overseas law firms. We can speak the languages of the world.

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