The TILEGAL team is behind the current success of the firm. Our team members are able to fulfill the requirements of long-term clients, capable of doing everything possible within legal parameters to defend their interests. They are self-disciplined and uphold the firm’s strong reputation, while being effective communicators able to working together in harmony. They improve themselves not only professionally but in other areas of life, following developments in the economy and in the world. They exhibit competence with language and an openness to specialization while remaining willing to confront challenges and refusing to give up easily.

Here at TILEGAL we wish to add new members to our team who are ready to dedicate themselves to following the work of valuable clients. They must display a sufficient depth of professional knowledge and skills but also a willingness to persist in professional research and self-improvement. They must respect the fundamental rule of the profession, that research is essential and no piece of knowledge too small to be considered, as sometimes a small detail can play a crucial role in the decision-making process. They should be aware of the realities of commercial life and the inevitability of risk, yet able to provide flexible legal support and prepared to adapt to and collaborate with clients.

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