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Coporate Responsibility

Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV)
TILEGAL supports the TKMCV to help those children in Turkey who find themselves in need of protection.

The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (CYDD)
The CYDD is a nongovernmental association that aims to protect and carry on Atatürk’s principles and development goals, especially through modern education. TILEGAL offers the CYDD legal, administrative and moral support.

The Foundation for the Preservation of Bright Eyes
Our company aids the Foundation for Keeping Eyes Bright, an association whose mission is to improve and maintain public eye health by providing early diagnosis and effective treatment of vision-related problems in addition to raising public awareness of associated issues.

The Semiha Berksoy Opera Foundation
TILEGAL supports the Semiha Berksoy Opera Foundation, whose founding mission is to protect and promote the operas of Semiha Berksoy’s, contribute to the performing arts and to educate young people talented in this field.

The Turkish Kidney Foundation
The Turkish Kidney Foundation is a nongovernmental organization that provides health services focused on kidney health. Its contribution to the development of health policies and other activities is backed by Tilegal.

The Turkish Lions Foundation
TILEGAL aids the ventures of the Turkish branch of the Lions Foundation, whose projects help to meet the education, economic, health care, social and cultural needs of society.

The Istanbul University Faculty of Law Alumni Association
TILEGAL offers its support to the Istanbul University Faculty of Law Alumni Association, which endeavors to secure the social, professional and scientific solidarity of this faculty’s alumni, in addition to disseminating information about the group and improving the communication between its members.

Çukurova Contemporary Art Culture and Education Foundation
We believe and trust in the new contemporary art and culture as much as we believe in the traditional, national, archaeological, cultural and historical accumulations of our country!

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