Debt Collection and Restructuring Procedures

Debt Collection and Restructuring Procedures

In order to ensure fast and easy collection, it is crucial to obtain the most appropriate guarantee, depending on trade relations and the nature of legal status. Doing so facilitates collection in the event of any future disputes, as well as resolution thereof by applying legal pressure and before the issue gets more complex.

In debt collection, it is vital to act as fast as possible, to prevent the debtor from passing ownership of goods, and initiate transactions before the other payees. Accordingly, TILEGAL determines and immediately begins adequate and necessary debt collection proceedings such as establishing verbal contact, sending notice, commencing execution proceedings, and following up transactions through bankruptcy or warrant of attachment, based on the client’s request.

TILEGAL exhausts all legal avenues to exert pressure on the debtors. In particular, in the case of a debtor without any assets, or with regard to debtors in the process of suspension of bankruptcy, the firm frequently employs methods that achieve effective debt collection results from the debtor company’s officials by proving evasion of assets, not filing for bankruptcy, or filing for fraudulent bankruptcy.

TILEGAL has the resources to carry out debt collection proceedings for its clients regardless of geographical location, thanks to the law offices it collaborates with domestically and abroad.

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