Employment Law

Employment Law

Our employment law team, which is aware that the relationship between employees and employers, which is the basic building block of companies, is extremely important, provides support to our clients in all proceedings during the continuation of the relationship between the employee and the employer starting from the preparation of the employment contract and shares legal opinions in order to minimize the risks that may occur in case of disputes.

Accordingly, our employment law team works in harmony with our clients’ Human Resources department to provide the necessary legal support for the daily problems encountered in the workplace within the scope of employment law, to ensure that workplace peace is not disturbed and work peace is maintained. In addition, our team simultaneously shares current employment law developments with our clients and supports our clients’ practices to comply with the current legislation. Our team is also involved in the proceedings during the termination phase of employment contracts, ensuring that the necessary documents are prepared and the process is concluded within a legal framework by minimizing the possible risks that may arise for our clients.

Our team meticulously defends the rights of our clients before the Labor Courts within disputes between employees and employers. The consultancy and litigation services offered in the resolution of employee-employer disputes, especially occupational health and safety, are among the areas of expertise of our team.

Developments within the scope of employment security cause employers to frequently face “reinstatement” lawsuits. For this reason, it is ensured that the termination of the employee-employer relationship is placed on a legally correct basis and the rights of the parties are protected at the maximum level. Our team supports our clients both in preventing disputes and in resolving the dispute in the easiest and most reasonable way.

Our employment law team meticulously monitors the interests of our clients in criminal cases and compensation claims filed after work accidents that occur from time to time.

In addition to individual employment law, we also provide legal consultancy services in employment law disputes subject to collective employment agreements, union authorization disputes and related legislation, and in case the dispute is carried to the litigation stage, we provide services to both employer and employee clients.


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