Employment and Benefits

Employment and Benefits

Labor Law developments in recent years have resulted in a higher number of disputes between our clients and their employees, making the law more prevailing and critical. TILEGAL provides a contract drafting service for clients right from the beginning, thus protecting their rights at the highest level. The Labor Law Department assists our clients’ human resources departments, performing work to maintain peace in the workplace and informing them about current labor law developments simultaneously.

In the event that disputes arise despite all these efforts, the department meticulously protects our clients’ rights at labor courts. Our office strives to assure maximum protection the clients’ interest in penal and criminal and claims cases arising due to occasional occupational accidents.

Changes in the Labor Safety Law result in more frequent “reemployment lawsuits” for our clients. Accordingly, we aspire to handle employer-employee relations at the right foundation, prevent disputes by protecting the rights of both parties as far as possible, and resolve the issue in the easiest and most reasonable manner.

We offer expertise in consultancy and case handling with regard to dispute resolution between employers and employees, particularly in occupational health and safety.

We also provide services to employers and employees alike in the area of consulting assistance in collective bargaining agreements, in union authorization disputes, and in related regulatory labor law disputes, as well as in cases when the dispute turns into a lawsuit.

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