Transport Law

Transport Law

In this era of globalization, commodities travel all around the world; as a natural consequence, international trading and the delivery of these commodities between parties require conformity with international commerce and transportation laws. Today, current legal issues are changing shape in line with rising electronic commerce and alternative transportation methods.

TILEGAL offers swift and effective services with an expert team in the resolution of all legal matters regarding logistics and transportation law, especially in cross-border goods trading; customs issues; goods and human transportation on sea, air, and land vehicles; logistics, storage, and warehousing services; and sales and financing of sea, air, and land vehicles.

Our office caters to the legal needs of maritime companies, airline businesses, agencies, logistics organizations, credit institutions that provide ship, plane, and yacht financing, insurance companies, and a diverse range of industry players.

A long-time expert in maritime law, TILEGAL provides solutions for its clients in drawing up maritime law contracts, confiscation of sea vessels, charter party and bill of lading disputes, damage assessment, transportation insurance disputes, ship purchases, sales and financing, maritime accidents, rescue aid, sea pollution, maritime business law, general average, P&I and H&M insurance disputes, and registration processes. Many members of our department have postgraduate degrees in transportation from English universities renowned in this field, and have proven themselves as specialist lawyers with years of experience in the industry.

TILEGAL offers all types of consulting and lawsuit assistance in international trade agreements, international trading, payment and delivery methods, leasing and factoring agreements, international financing techniques, and bank guarantee letters. We draw up agreements for foreign clients in their dealings in Turkey and for Turkish clients in their dealings with foreign companies, perform risk analysis, offer preventive legal services to avoid disputes, and in the case disputes arise, handle cases, by also seeking alternative dispute resolution methods, in Turkey and abroad.

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